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“We were floundering in Word before LawSuite, it’s made everything easier."
Barbara Kavelin, Legal Assistant
Magasinn & Feldman, LC Marina del Rey, CA
“We just love LawSuite. Best decision we ever made.”
Kim Jezewicz, IT Manager
Gross Shuman Brizdle & Gilfillan, PC Buffalo, NY
“Of the hundreds of legal software products in the marketplace, LawSuite is one of the few that has daily, practical use in my firm."
Nick Bettinger, Esq. – Shareholder
McDonald Sanders, PC
Fort Worth, TX
“LawSuite is the perfect tool for our small law firm, allowing us to create our own legal documents without secretarial assistance.”
Cara Lawrence, Attorney
Tierney & Lawrence, LLP Denver, CO
"LawSuite neatly organizes and integrates Word’s most difficult and hidden features. Drafting, editing, and formatting complex legal documents is greatly simplified, saving me hours or even days of work on individual documents."
Erich S. Fowler, Paralegal/Litigation Case Manager
Vranesh & Raisch, LLP Boulder, CO
"LawSuite is a great time-saving tool for our law firm. It allows our attorneys and legal secretaries to more efficiently create, format and compare documents with ease."
Brandon Haines, IT Director
Dickinson Mackaman Tyler & Hagen, PC Des Moines, IA
“I have been using Lawsuite for several years now and love it! Two of my favorite features are the Style Sets and Templates. Lawsuite makes my job easier!”
Amy Knight, Paralegal
Heizer Paul, LLP Denver, CO
“LawSuite macros fill in some important blanks for advanced Word users in the legal field. Highly recommended.”
John Hathaway, Network Administrator
Lockridge Grindal & Nauen, PLLP Minneapolis, MN
“Lawsuite has made our work more efficient. Everything we need is all right there in a user friendly way.”
Nicole Woods, Controller/Office Manager
Eccleston & Wolf, PC Hanover, MD
“Lawsuite has made using and modifying styles a breeze. The templates allow me to set up documents in no time.”
Lynne Braver, Legal Assitant/Certified Administrative Professional
Scott, Douglass & McConnico, LLP Austin, TX
“LawSuite is a simple tool that has encouraged our office to use Word instead of Word Perfect. The forms are easy for our office to use and essentially makes everyone more productive.”
Kayla Kaminsky, Help Desk Technician
Levene Gouldin & Thompson, LLP Vestal, NY
“LawSuite can be customized to fit your firm's every need and reduce the time and effor it takes to produce client documents. We have used LawSuite since 2011 and we love it!”
Claudia Miller, Firm Administrator
White Bear Ankele Tanaka Waldron, PC Denver, CO
“LawSuite definitely helps our law firm to work more efficiently thus saving us time and money. It simplifies complex Microsoft Word features such as Styles, Numbering, and Table of Contents and puts all the things we use most in one convenient tab in the Ribbon.”
John Howell, IT Manager
Crain Caton & James, PC Houston, TX
“Our staff loves the program. They use it for everything from label making to our customized template library. Julie is fun to work with and is a wonderful trainer. I've learned a lot from her over the years. It is also easy to perfform updates-anything I need to do takes only a few steps.”
JoAnne Gann, Manager of Marketing/Facilities/Human Resources
Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, PC Denver, CO
"LawSuite makes document production in a law office easier. Changing signatures, new letters/memos and forms are substantially streamlined with the LawSuite product. The best part about LawSuite is that I do not recall ever having issues with the program.”
Ernie Strate, Administrative Manager
Hopkins & Huebner, PC Des Moines, IA
“LawSuite saves us time and frustration while working in Word. Using styles is so easy - just a click and you can modify or add a new style to your document. The cleanup macros & shortcuts are especially handy and efficient - and can be modified to meet your organization’s particular needs. Add to that the efficient and knowledgeable staff and you have a great experience!”
David Powers, IT Director
Phillips Lytle, LLP Buffalo, NY
“The LawSuite macros built for our firm have been a real time saver. It has helped in the effciency of our workflow.”
Kim Balk, I.T. Manager
Ahlers & Cooney, PC Des Moines, IA
“Before LawSuite, our forms and templates were sometimes difficult to locate, manage, and use. LawSuite helped us create a personalized macro package of all of our forms and templates to fit our firm's specialized needs. As we have expanded and grown over the years, they have assisted us in maintaining and upgrading that package, so we can continue to work effciently and productively for our clients. It's one of the best investments we've made!”
Elena Schneider, Legal Assistant McManis Faulkner, PC
McManis Faulkner, PC San Jose, CA