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Spend time collaborating on the content instead of collaborating on the cleanup.

Use our LawSuite Cleanup tools and document forensics to make quick work of troublesome document situations.

  • Templates and Forms

    LawSuite templates allow you to maintain your firm’s standards and branding while simultaneously giving each user options for personalization and individual style. Lawsuite builds upon and enhances Word’s native functionality, allowing documents to be easily edited and updated by individuals outside your firm.

  • Tools

    This command group contains a Header/Footer menu, Shortcuts, Cleanup features, Symbols and Envelopes and Labels.

  • Clean Up

    Our Cleanup tools include the ability to identify and fix formatting, strip direct formatting, delete excess section breaks and hard returns, restore tab settings, set the Normal style, and perform a restoration of an old or corrupt document.

  • TextBanks

    LawSuite provides a solution to the common task of having to open old documents to reuse routine blocks of text. Instead, store blocks of text in our Banks for easy retrieval into any document. Examples include certificates of service, proof of service, clauses, signature blocks, transactional signatures, firm logos, etc. Our standard banks include TextBank and LitBank, but you can add as many banks as you wish, EstateBank, TransBank, CorpBank, etc. Our “MyBank” provides a personal bank for each user.

  • Styles & Numbering

    Our simplified paragraph numbering feature provides automatic multi-level numbering based on native MS Word functionality. We provide 100 customizable style sets, includes nine levels of numbering plus a collection of non-numbered body text styles. Table of Contents are easily generated using styles or TC fields including an automated Style Separator feature for run-on paragraphs.

  • Litigation

    Our collection of Litigation Tools includes customized pleading templates including Federal, State, Bankruptcy, Appellate, Superior, Water Court, Tax Court and a numbered lines pleading template. A Discovery Heading feature for inserting Interrogatories and other common headings and responses is included. The LitBank stores multiple POS, COS and notary choices, verifications and many others, organized by category.

What does it cost?

LawSuite cost

LawSuite provides necessary editing tools, numbering styles, shortcuts and templates, which when combined with the proper training provides a winning combination that is guaranteed to reverse wasteful document production habits and boost your firm’s profitability.

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Achieve measureable results through immediate time and cost savings with LawSuite. Increased productivity, more efficient and effective methods of completing routine tasks and faster training.

Project Timeline

LawSuite projects vary depending on factors such as firm size, existing automation, user skill sets, amount of customization needed and so forth. The following provides an overview of a typical project for a medium-sized firm: