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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the difference between LawSuite and a Document Management System?

They are totally different products with different applications. LawSuite is a template and macro product that works inside of MS Word to expedite document creation, cleanup, formatting and finalization. Document management systems simply track, manage and store documents, much like a database.

2. What’s the difference between LawSuite and a Case Management System?

LawSuite is a template and macro product that works inside MS Word to expedite document creation, cleanup, formatting/styles/paragraph numbering and finalization. Case Management programs are databases with many capabilities, some include a collection of document templates that the firm may or may not elect to use. These two different products work in harmony in the same environment. There are two options:for firms that utilize both LawSuite and a Case Manager, the LawSuite templates can be programmed to work with the case management database, or, the Template section of the LawSuite ribbon can be omitted completely (in this case, the cost of your package will reflect the removal of the Template group). Either way, the firm will have the benefits of all LawSuite features.

3. Does using LawSuite save the firm money?

An analysis of the bottom-line impact that a macro/template product has on the profitability of your firm will show a substantial net value and return on investment. See, May 8, 2007, “Beware the Hidden Costs of Bad Formatting” by Roberta Gelb of Chelsea Office Systems, where the yearly losses for her 20 member test firm were over $750,000 resulting from secretaries and associates using ineffective editing techniques in native Word.

4. Is it worth my time to look at LawSuite if we already have some macro and templates created in-house?

Yes. You will want to schedule a screen meeting to discuss how LawSuite can complement and complete your current in-house collection of automation items. For example, you might have templates but need a style/paragraph numbering feature or Cleanup tools. There are two options: you can keep your current environment as is and cherry pick items from LawSuite, adding them to your own setup, or install LawSuite and incorporate the favorites from your own setup onto our ribbon. In all of these custom situations, the programming modules along with training can be provided to maintain these items in-house.

5. What kind of help can we expect during the configuration and deployment phases of our project?

You will have access to a dedicated project manager and technical engineer during the entire time LawSuite is being set up, we will make sure LawSuite is configured properly and copy-down procedures are in place and thoroughly tested.