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Customization Services

  • LawSuite Customization

    Your LawSuite ribbon can be customized with any number of Template Categories, TextBanks, custom command groups, etc.

  • Custom Macro Development

    Add custom functionality to your package with macros, print menus, special routines, custom cleanup procedures or practice-specific automation.

  • Styles & Numbering Schemes

    Modify our standard numbering scheme collection, add new schemes, use our non-numbered style assortment or we can incorporate the firm’s current collection.
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LawSuite provides condensed and refined document production methodologies every user can adopt to
achieve measurable results.

What Makes Us Different?

As a boutique consulting firm, we’re able to offer our clients highly specialized and tailored customer service. Our LawSuite automation package offers unique features such as document cleanup tools, not found in other packages. Further, our package pricing and overall value is some of the most competitive in the industry. We are able to address specific problems or aspects of your workflow challenges and provide practical solutions. The goal is to improve the experience for the users and increase firm profits through efficiency.