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Customization Services

  • LawSuite Customization

    Your LawSuite ribbon can be customized with any number of Template Categories, TextBanks, custom command groups, etc.

  • Custom Macro Development

    Add custom functionality to your package with macros, print menus, special routines, custom cleanup procedures or practice-specific automation.

  • Styles & Numbering Schemes

    Modify our standard numbering scheme collection, add new schemes, use our non-numbered style assortment or we can incorporate the firm’s current collection.

LawSuite provides condensed and refined document production methodologies every user can adopt to
achieve measurable results.

LawSuite Training and Change Management

Training and Change Mangement that LawSuite provides.

Change Management

While many staff members are willing to learn better ways of getting the job done, the truth is, the current document production processes and habits are embedded into firm culture. In our experience, if you provide a user with an incentive-a tool that is easy to use and offers better, faster methods for completing tasks, you’ve got the winning formula for success. Allow us to work with you to create a strategy for managing positive change and integrating LawSuite’s powerful features into the fabric of your firm’s processes.

LawSuite Training


Everyone knows that technically proficient firms are more profitable. The proper delivery of software training along with a document automation system can greatly increase productivity and satisfaction throughout the firm. Proficiency directly impacts revenue in terms of the speed and quality of documents produced, client service, risk reduction and staff ratios. Our training delivery focuses on business goals and “objective mapping” rather than rote learning to provide the necessary skills to compete in today's technically oriented law firm environment.

Quick Start Options

Quick Start Options from LawSuite offered to Lawfirms

LawSuite Quick Start provides a package with basic customization and an accelerated deployment plan. Our Quick Start services are great in the following situations:

Small Firm Size

You have the same standardization and automation needs as larger firms but don’t have the staff resources to manage a software implementation project.

Scheduling Issues

Due to timeline challenges or project conflicts, you don’t have the time you would normally allot for a software implementation project.

Financial Resources

Are you looking for a way to reduce costs and expedite things? The pared down Quick Start option is the way to go.


Do other IT projects always have the right-of-way? Use the Quick Start option to dodge these obstacles.


The Quick Start option is the cure. Before you know it, you’re done.


Need it yesterday? By this time next week you could have a basic LawSuite package in place. Additional functionality, promotions or practice group involvement can be handled later.